Corinbank & timetable for December/January

I’ve just had an amazing weekend at Corinbank! Thanks to everyone who came along to the Dance of the Yogis sessions – I hope you had as much fun as I did.  For those of you who missed out, we’re hoping to run further yoga-dance fusion sessions (with live DJ) in 2013.


Here’s the timetable for December and January.  Please note that Tuesdays classes have finished for the year and will start again in February.

December 2012
Monday 3 December – 6pm – vinyasa flow with Bernie
Monday 3 December – 7:30pm – Yin/Yang class with Bernie
Monday 10 December – 6pm – vinyasa flow with Bernie
Monday 10 December – 7:30pm – Yin/Yang class with Bernie
Thursday 13 December – 7pm – beginners course – week 1 – click here to book
Monday 17 December – 6pm – vinyasa flow with Bernie
Monday 17 December – 7:30 – no class – Flourish yoga Christmas drinks at Tilleys – all welcome!
Thursday 20 December – 7pm – beginners course – week 2

January 2013
Monday 7 January – 6pm – vinyasa flow
Thursday 10 January – 7pm – beginners – week 3
Monday 14 January – 6pm – vinyasa flow
Thursday 17 January – 7pm – beginners – week 4
Monday 21 January – 6pm – vinyasa flow
Thursday 24 January – 7pm – beginners – week 5
Monday 28 January – 6pm – vinyasa flow
Thursday 31 January – 7pm – beginners – week 6

Please book for the beginners course. For all other classes in December and January, just turn up!


In the Presence of Gongs

One of my friends from work emailed this to me today – I’m so excited that this is coming to Canberra! Hope to see you there.

Come and experience an evening of deep relaxation and nourishment of the mind, body and soul.  A unique inner journey through the vibrations of over 30 gongs, crystal bowls, tibetan singing bowls and other resonant instruments.

For more information, check out:


Flourish yoga has a new home!

After an amazing Easter of so much yoga at the beach, I’m really pleased to announce that Flourish Yoga & Wellbeing has a new home at the brand new Lyneham Primary School dance studio.

Flourish will be offering classes from Lyneham Primary School on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Get ready for lots of flowing vinyasa yoga with a variety of sequences and intensities to help you relax, focus, energise and unwind.

I have two new teachers joining me and will post more details about them and an updated timetable with class descriptions very soon!



Wild thing – and why the kitchen floor is not a good place for practice!

A Lino kitchen floor seems like the perfect surface for practicing yoga – it’s a clear space with a soft-ish floor covering and usually there isn’t much stuff on the floor to trip over or fall on to.

Wild thing (Camatkarasana) is currently my favourite asana.  I love the feeling of rolling from Vasisthasana (side-arm balance) and gently stepping my top leg back. I love the grace and flow that it brings – the lift through the chest and the extension through the top arm.

Last night, after a lovely class at Ainslie, I dropped in to visit a friend.  Soon, I found myself demonstrating Wild Thing (camatkarasana) in the middle of her kitchen.  Just as I was arching back and extending my arm, her jack russell (clearly impressed by my wild thing!) ran under me and proceeded to give me a kiss. Ewww!

What did I do when I was upside down balancing on one arm and being kissed and jumped on by an excited jack russell?  I tried to get out of the pose as quickly as possible – spinning myself back over and pulling one of the muscles between my shoulder blades in the process. Ouch!

I was reminded of the need to practice my yoga with mindfulness, focused on the moment, on my body and my breath.  And to choose a place to practice that allows for that level of focus!

A week off – enjoy some yogic time at home

There are no classes this week (Thursday 16 Feb) because the church hall is not available.  We will start again next week on 23 February at 6pm.

The beginners course also starts on 23 February – at 7:30pm.  There are three places left so if you would like to come along please send me message.

Ainslie classes begin on Monday 5 March and will run from 7:30pm-8:30pm.  Classes will be held at Live Life Well Now, above the new bottleshop at Ainslie shops. The space is beautiful and intimate with space for 10-12 students. Let me know if you’d like to come along.

If you’re looking for something yogic to do at home, try this short meditation exercise:
  • Sit comfortably and quietly with your eyes closed.
  • Focus on your breath.  Breathe.
  • Become aware of your inhale and your exhale.  Continue to inhale and exhale naturally, letting your breath come and go freely.
  • Draw your awareness to sounds inside the room you’re sitting in.  Become aware of each sound, acknowledge it, and then let it go. Move on to the next sound until you have let all of the sounds go.
  • Draw your awareness to sounds outside the room you’re sitting in.  Become aware of each sound, acknowledge it, and then let it go.   Move on to the next sound until you have let all of the sounds go.
  • If your mind begins to wander off, draw your awareness back to your breath.

I hope to see you back in yoga classes in the coming weeks.

Finding your flow

Until about 6 months ago, I’d never heard of a flow state. I’d experienced it, but I didn’t know that it had a name.

Flow is when you are fully engaged in what you are doing. You lose track of time, you lose your self-consciousness and you are in a state of energised focus. You’re not worrying, yet you’re not necessarily happy either. You just are. Somehow you’re separated from everyday reality and floating along in your own little serene world. In just “being” and just focusing on a single thing, you can find peace, joy and a quietening of your mind.

I find my flow when I run in the bush, when I’m painting and when I’m practicing yoga.

Where do you find yours?