Wild thing – and why the kitchen floor is not a good place for practice!

A Lino kitchen floor seems like the perfect surface for practicing yoga – it’s a clear space with a soft-ish floor covering and usually there isn’t much stuff on the floor to trip over or fall on to.

Wild thing (Camatkarasana) is currently my favourite asana.  I love the feeling of rolling from Vasisthasana (side-arm balance) and gently stepping my top leg back. I love the grace and flow that it brings – the lift through the chest and the extension through the top arm.

Last night, after a lovely class at Ainslie, I dropped in to visit a friend.  Soon, I found myself demonstrating Wild Thing (camatkarasana) in the middle of her kitchen.  Just as I was arching back and extending my arm, her jack russell (clearly impressed by my wild thing!) ran under me and proceeded to give me a kiss. Ewww!

What did I do when I was upside down balancing on one arm and being kissed and jumped on by an excited jack russell?  I tried to get out of the pose as quickly as possible – spinning myself back over and pulling one of the muscles between my shoulder blades in the process. Ouch!

I was reminded of the need to practice my yoga with mindfulness, focused on the moment, on my body and my breath.  And to choose a place to practice that allows for that level of focus!



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